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Cutscenes, помогите!

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#1 Boris S.

Boris S.


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Отправлено 12 Август 2004 - 07:26

Существует ли такая прога, чтобы делать Cutscenes для TR1-TR3? Если есть, то где такую можно достать?

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#2 Satanoff


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Отправлено 21 Август 2004 - 14:44

Кат-сцены можно сделать в DXTre3D. Для этого используютя flyby камеры.
Вот цитата из форума на www.larashome.com:

I wrote that tutorial some time ago. I'm putting it here as it is. If you don't understand something, post here a question.
This tutorial is based on Oxy's Ghost library cutscene. Download the level to see the cutscenes explained here. For ghost and Lara sitting on the bed scene you'll have to play through the level.
I attached a small wad with items from Oxy's cutscene level and one item from my levels.
It's the apple puzzle and different Lara animations with different outfits and winged ghost.
Those animatings of Lara are my models for cutscenes, based on the original outfit. You'll see that the main problem is a ponytail.
The original is that one with the original clothes on. In some animations ponytail cuts through Lara's body, because it is attached directly to the head. That problem can be solved in three ways.
Only two are present in the wad:
Ponytail problem
1. Lara in a blue dress:
In this animation Lara is looking a little to the floor, so the ponytail looks like it is hanging in the air. That's why I have changed the headmesh - I moved the ponytail closer to the back, but still being carefull, that it doesn't cut through Lara's body. In this animation this is possible, because, Lara is not moving head to much.
2. Lara without ponytail:
This is the simpliest soultion: remove the ponytail. I've done that for the animations in the library, because Lara was moving to much with her head.
3. The third solution is the most time consuming - create two animations, one for Lara and one for the ponytail (basically you animate Lara's head, but when the animation is done, you edit the head mesh and leave only ponytail poligons, other parts of Lara's body in that animation must be coloured with transparent colour or removed), then trigger both animations at the same time. But this also take a lot of memory in the level, so you must test if it is still stable.
For how you can clear Lara's bodymeshes, download wad with axe puzzle from here and check the puzzle done:
Cutscenes made with animatings can be used in a playable level.
But you can also use LARA object for making a cutscene. In this case, that level will be a true cut scene, it will not be playable. I've never done this, but I guess, you must trigger LARA object and change her animations, starting with the first one. For those cutscenes download Tomo's Last saga 4. There is plenty of cutscenes. Use TRwiever to check how he modified LARA item anmations. You can check also all TR1 to TR3 cutscenes. They are made the same way.
Ok, now for some cutscenes.
First you must be familliar with all the effects of flyby cameras - look at the manual for the explanation of camera codebits.
The most important are:
6 - jump back to Lara at the end of sequence
9/10 - disable Lara control/camera look break button
8 - timed camera (time is: number of seconds X 300)
7 - cutcam camera (camera will jump directly to the camera in the timer in the same sequence)
14 - camera will trigger a heavy trigger
1. Create first cut sequence:
Very simple - create an illusion of flying ghost.
Make a small room.
A. Put there first winged ghost, press O for OCB settings and press invisible.
B. Put the second ghost in front of the first one, but three (maybe four I don't remeber) blocks away and one block to the left. (Again press O and invisible)
C. trigger both ghosts in the same square with HEAVY TRIGGER
D. Put a flyby camera sequence, the first one with codebits 9 and 10 and if you want 6.
One camera must be set up to trigger the heavy trigger - codebit 14.
Don't forget to make a trigger for camera sequence
Compile the level and test. You should see an ilussion of a flying ghost that at one point stops and starts floating in the air.
2. Second cutscene:
Remember to always start camerasequence with 6,9,10.
And if you don't want that animating objects are seen before triggered you should mark them invisible.
A. Make a small room and put in there two animatings of Lara model - the one without ponytail and the second in the original costume. Put a wall between them, so they won't be seen together.
B. Put flybys that will lead from one Lara to the another, You can also try some timed cameras, so one camera will stay focused on one animation (camera codebit 8) For the Lara animation without ponytail, the timer would be about 3 seconds so 300X3= 900. Use number 900 in the timer of camera with codebit 8.
C Put the trigger for the camera sequence at the starting point of Lara, right under her feet.
That level will start showing one Lara doing something and then it will go to the next animated Lara, at the end it will switch to the real Lara, so you can play.
3. The most complicated cutscene is made from cutcam cameras.
That way the opening scene from Oxy's lara's dream was made.
The true lara mustn't be seen in the room, so two Lara's bedrooms were made.
In one was Lara standing at the start, that triggers the camera sequence. The first camera started in the original room, showing the night sky , camera was moving through the windows. The player can't see that Lara is standing behind the camera.
Camera looks to the fire place. This is a cutcam camera with codebit 7 and with next camera number in the timer box. That next camera is put in the copied room with the animating Lara model sitting on the bed.
It goes around her and at the end it shows the switch. There is again a cutcam camera that switches again to the camera in the original room, at last it shows Lara standing in front of the bed. An illusion of Lara jumping off the bed was made.
4. Lara animations can be called with an OCB of the puzzles. Put the tree puzzle hole and a puzzle item in a small room. Do this 4 times, so you will have 4 apples on the floor and 4 trees in that room.
Leave one puzzle hole as it is, in all the others change OCBs, for example put: -300, -400, -424.
Compile the level and complete all the puzzles. This will help you understand that feature. Wadmerger has some Lara animations written, but for the most of them you'll have to go through the whole LARA object animations.
How to make new animation look at Wadmerger's documetatin, there's all what you need to know. Remember, if you don't want that the object is visible after the end of the animation, put the last frame under the floor level and connect the end of animation to that frame.
Good luck!


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