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New TR3 levels at Lara's Mansion

01 Январь 2006 - 15:38


First of all A Happy New Year to everybody!

It has being a while without any updates on this site, but the reason for that was my PC. It had a major HD crash. So I lost every TR4 level I ever downloaded. And because I didn't want to lose the other TR levels on my second HD drive I decided that now it was time to buy another PC.
So now it is back to business! I have uploaded a modified version of Boris Samoilenko's level "The City Quarters 2". As Boris wrote to me: "I want you to reload my 4th level - City Quarters 2- It's somewhat different then my previous version. The walkthrough done by Harry needs also to be changed". Thanks Boris.
And then I uploaded 3 new TR3 levels by David Rukawa.
He expanded his serie called: "A Travel In Time" with the following new levels:
level 4: Slaves' Valley
level 5: Damon's Temple
level 6: Knossos Ruines.
Thanks David for building these levels.

3 new TR3 levels by Boris S.

28 Ноябрь 2005 - 21:53

Hi everybody,

I am glad to tell that the levelbuilding with Turbo's editor is just going great a this moment.
Therefore I am proud to announce to you that
Boris Samoilenko has released 3 new TR3 levels in his serie called: Lara Croft Returns. The titles are:
- The Twin Temple (level 9)
- Back In China (level 10)
- Research Base (level 11).
Thanks Boris for making these levels.
Your serie becomes quite impressive. Keep up the good work!

All unofficial levels at 1 place

12 Ноябрь 2005 - 10:51

Hi Everybody,

My name is Henk and I have a website completly devoted to Turbo Pascal's unofficial leveleditor called the DXtre3D. On my site you will find nearly 300 custom build levels. From Tr1, TR2, TR3, TR4 to TR5 levels.
These levels where build with much love for Tomb Raider's girl Lara Croft.

Also you will find on my site a new program called TRPlayCentre. This program which was build by IceBerg gives you the possibility to play all the custom build levels with just one program. A great manual is also available on my site.

I do hope you will have some time to visit my site.

If there are in Russia some (test)levels that aren't on my site yet, please feel free to send the level to me by mail, and I will host it for you so that everybody can play your (test)level.

My website is called LARA'S MANSION

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website: Lara's Mansion
email: laras_mansion@planet.nl